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Sparrow rotary tattoo pen machine is outstanding for it's removable of rotary,its high duty of bearing and its amazing balance.Compatible with all brands of needle cartridges.
Product's Details
1. Material: aluminum and CNC
2. Motor:12V 10000rpm
3. Bearing stroke:3.5mm
4. Recommended voltage:6-9V
5. Net weight: 110grams  5.4Oz.
6. Packing:1pcs of pen,1pcs of RCA cord and 3 pcs of needle cartridge free for testing.
Product's Features
1. The rotary and bearing are removable,made for longer and easier running solution.
2.  Capable of lining,shader,old and new school.
3. Flower model of bearing is designed and made for lowest vibration and longer lifetime of use.
This is a high quality pen machine for professional tattooing.

Sparrow Pen - Preta (32mm)